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A little encouragement April 15, 2011

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Wishing for…

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I wish that I had time for blogging, or whatever you call it. “Blogging” doesn’t sound as interesting as it really can be.

I love reading other mother’s blogs and learning from them. I have a few that are favorites.

I just can’t get to that place myself. Day in and day out, I am learning from my daughter. Amazing how I can learn from her when here I am sitting here to teach her. I want to be able to share those experiences with the world. Savannah is truly an amazing little girl. She’s made me a different person. She’s made me a mother. She’s made me a woman.

How do I find the time to share these things in word? I cannot even find time to have a cup of coffee sitting down or watch a TV show all the way through anymore. It really frustrates a person who likes to sit and enjoy the moments in life.

I’m wishing for time. Wishing for more lessons learned from her. I wishing to find me…again.