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A little encouragement April 15, 2011

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She understands my love August 27, 2010

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It’s amazing to me that I can just look her in the eye and tell her I love her, and she just stares into me. It’s like she completely understands me. She understands the depth and intimacy of our love.

When I look her in the eye and tell her “no” or “stop doing that.” She looks away.

When I sit her face to face, and tell her “I love you,” She meets my eye, and blinks, telling me “I love you too, Momma.”

Simply beautiful.


My Savannah Rose August 26, 2010

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This little girl is amazing. I cannot begin to explain the complex mind she holds high. She is learning so fast, and taking her whole world in blink by blink. She’s really going places. I know she will go far in life. I just know this. Nothing this little one can do will disappoint me.