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Wishing for… April 15, 2011

Filed under: Wishful thinking — Liza @ 5:09 pm

I wish that I had time for blogging, or whatever you call it. “Blogging” doesn’t sound as interesting as it really can be.

I love reading other mother’s blogs and learning from them. I have a few that are favorites.

I just can’t get to that place myself. Day in and day out, I am learning from my daughter. Amazing how I can learn from her when here I am sitting here to teach her. I want to be able to share those experiences with the world. Savannah is truly an amazing little girl. She’s made me a different person. She’s made me a mother. She’s made me a woman.

How do I find the time to share these things in word? I cannot even find time to have a cup of coffee sitting down or watch a TV show all the way through anymore. It really frustrates a person who likes to sit and enjoy the moments in life.

I’m wishing for time. Wishing for more lessons learned from her. I wishing to find me…again.


Contentment September 4, 2010

Filed under: Wishful thinking — Liza @ 4:41 pm

I can’t find it.

It’s missing in my life.

It’s been missing for years now.

Why can’t I find a calm for my soul?



A quiet place August 27, 2010

Filed under: Wishful thinking — Liza @ 5:48 pm

I need to become a quiet place full of contentment and love. I need to be a refuge for those in a storm. How does one do that when she has such a tumultuous spirit inside? I have an ocean’s spirit when in storm. But, I can never find the peacefulness of high tide when all is going to rest. The moon stirs me at night after the sun stirs me all day. No rest for this weary soul. May I find peace today. Peace in the sweet breeze blowing through me. Take my breath and fill me with peace, sweet breeze, peace, I pray.